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 New Haven Connecticut Region MapNew Haven became part of the Connecticut Colony in 1664, when the two colonies were merged under political pressure from England, according to folklore as punishment for harboring the three judges (in reality, done in order to strengthen the case for the takeover of nearby New Amsterdam, which was rapidly losing territory to migrants from Connecticut). Some members of the New Haven Colony seeking to establish a new theocracy elsewhere went on to establish Newark, New Jersey.

It was made co-capital of Connecticut in 1701, a status it retained until 1873. In 1716, the Collegiate School relocated from Old Saybrook to New Haven and established New Haven as a center of learning. In 1718, the name of the Collegiate School was changed to Yale College in response to a large donation from Welsh merchant Elihu Yale. Yale University is a year-round attraction to this oceanfront city. Downtown New Haven is rich in culture and history. The picturesque New Haven Green and Wooster Square provide photo ops and outstanding food is available throughout the city. Wooster Street’s Little Italy section is home to famous pizza.

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Map of New Haven, CT
Incorporated: 1784
County: New Haven
New Haven, CT Population:
2010: 129,779

GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: 41.1836
Longitude: -72.5525

New Haven CT Local Information
New Haven Police Dispatch: 203-946-6316
New Haven Fire Department: 203-946-6222
Ambulance Service: 800-659-1806
Town Hall Telephone: 203-946-8339

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